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Table Tennis at Sharing Youth Centre was introduced and started in the early 90’s when unintentionally a set of equipments containing two Bats, a net and a few balls was found in an assortment of cargo that had come in as was the trend at the time. Since there was no standard table for the sport, youths joined two big tables, had the net erected and with little knowledge about the sport, started playing with a lot of arguments about the rules.

With so much interest shown by the boys in the sport, the administration of the time ordered for a table to be made by a local carpentry workshop, with near standard specifications and there has not been turning back since that time. As the sport gained root, sharing has over the time become one of the recognised centres of excellence for the sport in the east African region, producing players like Lonzen Rugira, Migadde Jackson, and Kiwanuka Edward only to mention but a few. Sharing hall houses the game at the centre -with its spacious, good lighting and serene environment, it’s conducive for the promotion and development of talent as one is either playing at the time or comfortably seated and watching skills displayed from the sides- learning in the process.

Sharing table tennis club has long been affiliated to the Uganda Table Tennis Association (U.T.T.A) and so, actively participates in the schools, national and international events on regular basis.