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Sharing youth Centre is one of the utmost centres in Kampala in skilling youth in various aspects of life. The Centre is empowering youth through various activities like sports, leadership training, spiritural formation, vocational training, computer training and


promotion of talent. The Centre is catholic founded however; it hosts all the categories of youth from all parts of Kampala and in most cases around all corners of the country regardless of their religious and ethnic affiliations.

Sharing youth Centre organizes a youth festival bi-annually where youth from different parts of the country meet to ponder and discuss on the issues affecting and hindering the development of the country and how best they can contribute towards the development. This is done systematically basing on a well thought and researched theme and by the end of the festival we ensure that objectives are realized.
Last year’s festival run from 7th -9th December under the theme: “Empower Youths Through Entrepreneurship Skills for Sustainability” and the objectives of this festival included;

  • To enable the youths, appreciate their role in the socio-economic growth and development of Uganda.
  • To make the youths become creative and innovative citizens in their way of life hence making good use of the available resources.f4
  • To prepare the youths to become job creators rather than job seekers, he nce reducing on the burden of unemployment.
  • To enable the youths, fight and alleviate poverty among themselves through engaging in small enterprises arising from the skills attained.
  • To change the attitude/mindset of
    the youths from over dependence on handouts/gifts from relatives, friends and NGOs etc. that are not sustainable.
  • To enable the youths, cope up with the day to day challenges in life since we live in a dynamic world.
  • To make the youths become productive and active advocates for entrepreneurship skills development in the country.f6

There were many eye-catching activities and moments that attracted a number of youths from different corners of the country including Karamoja region, Eastern region, Southern and Western regions.

Some of the activities that took place during the three days festival include

a) Talk from guest speakers
A number of guest speakers graced the festival with their presence and presentations. Guest speakers from NCDC (National Cur
riculum Development Centre); a corporate autonomous body f2of the ministry of Education and Sports which is responsible for the inter-alia development of curricula and related materials for various levels of Education and organizing capacity building courses for stake holders on curricula. Such talks inspire and help the youth change their mindset through critical and analytical thinking.
b) Sports

The sharing youth annual youth festival 2018 used sporting activities like football, netball, badminton, volleyball to realize the set objectives as they normally attract a number of youths. Tournaments were organized in which a number of teams from different regions of the country participated in various sports and the finals were played on the 8th/Dec/2018.
c) Marching
The sharing annual youth festival 2018 also dubbe d “The Entrepr

eneurship festival” used marching to mark the beginning of the 3 days festival. The marching started at Sharing youth centre through Kabalagala to Kibuli and then back to Sharing with accompaniment of the Uganda police. The marching signified a group of organized, energetic and enthusiastic youth taking the lead in promoting skilling the youth as a way of alleviating poverty and unemployment amongst the youths who make up the biggest percentage of the country’s population.

d) M.D.D
Music dance and drama are one of the best message delivery options to the youths. Youths tend to pay much attention to creative arts and dances. Different groups that came from different cultural backgrounds made wonderful message delivering presentations.
e) Mass
After an exciting 3 days of the 2018 festival, it was closed with

unity in prayer of the holy sacrifice of Mass led by the Diocesan Youth Chaf7plain Rev. Fr. Ruzindana. It was also more exciting that he is an old boy of Sharing Youth Centre. It was to pray for our country Uganda thanking God for the many riches we have a nd asking God to give us the grace, blessing and wisdom of managing and utilizing them properly.
Other activities involved bull roasting, awarding of gifts and certificates, athletics, bouncing castles and face painting for children and many others.
Conclusively, the sharing youth festival registered a number of successes as per the laid down objectives and with kind of lead, we are hopeful of a bright future. From time to time sharing youth centre will always support the youth and empower them with skills for a better tomorrow because “Sharing is Caring”. f5

Watch out for the next edition of the youth festival 2020