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The Sharing Youth Tae Kwon Do Club is first and foremost a martial arts club, united by the common desire to improve its members, both mentally and physically, through the learning and practicing of Tae Kwon Do. The need for a positive attitude and a disciplined atmosphere must all be recognized for its members to create a learning environment where they can all progress and grow in Tae Kwon Do, according to their own abilities and desires


The purpose of this constitution is to set forth the structure and system of the club, in order to keep the “Sharing Youth” Tae Kwon Do Club an ongoing and ever-expanding group which continuously fulfills the desires and needs of its members, and provides benefits made available through training in Tae Kwon Do.

To represent Sharing Youth Centre at the highest possible level in competing with the Tae-kwon-do teams of other Clubs.

(To oversee and to develop the organization and promotion of Tae-kwon-do within the Sharing Youth Centre and within the local community as an opportunity to foster high human values and spiritual ideals.

To foster harmonious ties with other Tae-kwon-do Clubs and with the Clubs of the other sport disciplines within Sharing Youth Centre.


Sharing Youth Tae-kwon-do Club accepts, on a continuous basis, new members who have had no previous martial arts experience as well as members with experience, regardless nationality, age, sex, race and religion. These new members are offered approximately two weeks to experience Tae Kwon Do. After this time, the new members are given the option to officially join the club. All persons whose names are on the Sharing Youth Centre Sports Department Register are selected to a free instruction and are eligible to compete for one of the club’s Tae-kwon-do teams. Membership is determined by the holding of the membership card and the due payment of the monthly subscription fee set by the Direction of the Sharing Youth Centre.