We offer quality catering services for all functions with all kinds of MENUS of your choice ranging from ordinary to VIP; our prices are negotiable and affordable.


  1. Chicken, G-nuts, Beans served with Matooke, Rice, Irish, cassava and greens———————–10,000/=
  2. Beef, G-nuts with Matooke, Rice, yams and greens———————————————————-8,000/=
  3. Beef with Matooke, Posho, Rice, Sweet potatoes with Cabbages—————————————-7,000/=
  4. Beans and Posho served with cabbages————————————————————————-3,000/=

VIP menu

From starters to Desert is available.

The rates below are for a full course standard and group arrangements. Prices quoted depend on the number of people attending/their booking.

20-100 people——–15,000/=



500 and above——–12,000/=

You can also place in your orders for cakes and snacks for your wedding, graduation or any event.

For quality, standard and affordable catering services, let us be in charge.