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Welcome to Sharing Youth CentreHilaire-Guinko

I would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone for your unceasing support to Sharing Youth Centre. What we are today is partly thanks to your contribution and your encouragement. At many challenging moments of the history of Sharing Youth Centre, we experienced your presence and support. We are touched by your generosity and commitment.

We are moving speedily forward and in this word from my office and through this website, you will realise that many wonderful and exciting things have happened at Sharing. We share it to see you rejoice with us and bring in your contribution so that together, we bring Sharing to a top Youth Centre serving thousands of youngsters and contributing to the development of Uganda.

  • First and foremost, we are happy to let you know that since the first week of March this year, sharing entered officially into the books of the National NGOs Board. We are registered as an NGO operating fully in compliance with the requirements of the NGO Board.
  • Sharing services in the education department has grown to the satisfaction of beneficiaries. The library has acquired new books thanks to the support of our friends. Henceforth, secondary students and tertiary institution can have access to new and updated books and photocopy services in the library section. There is even a reading room reserved to students who wants to make research.
  • Have you visited SYC showroom of furnitures and metal products? Well, the sign post in the middle of the compound directs you right to the showroom displaying all products of SYC production departments. Products can be bought on the spot or just place your order. If you need more advice, there is the marketing department who will take you through with the best offers SYC has. This department aims at informing you of all services at SYC.
  • Sharing can’t move alone without you partners and friends. In this May, it was an excitement in the village of Hertzrath in Germany when the director was invited by the Mayor and friends to talk about the Centre. The Black book was signed by the Director as a sign of Honor. A big event was organised in Hertzrath sport ground in support of SYC.
  • Old Boys and Girls of SYC are waking up to be actively part of SYC and support the Centre proudly. Many successful men and women are products of Sharing since its foundation in 1977. By taking actively part into the development of the Centre, they are expressing their sense of belonging and vowing never to let the mother die. East or West, South or North, Home is always the best – Sharing is the Home.
  • Uuuuuhhhhhhh … The pastoral department is never left out in any activity at the Centre. People from all ages find a group to belong to. The good samaritan choir is becoming popular, the youth Alive movement is championing is training youths into leadership skill, Xaverians Movement helps teenagers grow with their mentors, the Holy Childhood is the place of expression for all children from nursery to primary level, the Married couples group supports each other in the beautiful journey of love, the Charismatic/Bible Sharing Group brings all together to praise and worship God and the Youngest group, our Single Youths who are finding meaning to life through career guidance and choice of life is giving a reason to many youths to stay on Sundays after prayers to share their experiences.
  • On this website, you can follow the performance of our sport teams. Many sport stars, nationals and internationals alike came from SYC sport clubs. Some of them who are playing abroad continue to support the teams with materials.

This website is exciting. Every department can be discovered. A question can be dropped and an answer will be given. We thank you for choosing to love Sharing Youth Centre where Encounter and Education is the only one reason we are to make Uganda grow as a peaceful country with a generation that has something to offer to the world.

Hilaire G. – Director SYC