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Youth alive 4Youth Alive Sharing is a youth empowerment club aimed at grooming the youths into responsible citizens by training them and equipping them with life realization skills, leadership skills, talent promotion and positive peer group formation among others.
Youth Alive Sharing was formed in October 2012 at Sharing Youth Center under the guidance and support of Rev.Fr.Hillaire Guinko and it was registered with the Youth Alive Central Region office in January 2013 by the Regional Coordinator Mr.Ojok Henry. Youth Alive was started in Uganda by Sr. Mirriam Duggan at a time when Uganda was infested with the HIV/AIDS virus. It was intended to create awareness among the Youths about the deadly virus and help reduce the high rates of infections. Every human being has the inherent capacity to change his/her behavior positively. Change begins with oneself.
Youth Alive has a vision to see young people fulfill their dreams and ambitions through making informed and responsible choices and decisions which promote a healthy state of mind, body and spirit through a positive environment and promotion of positive behavior change.
Youth Alive Sharing is dynamic group with a vast number of opportunities  and activities they engage in ranging from sports, drama, dances, counseling, mass animation, music compositions and performance among others. The group is led by a group of smart and young leaders who dedicate their effort for the good of their fellow youths while is also mentored by responsible and respectable individuals from Sharing community.
Youth Alive has a mass choir that animates mass at Sharing Youth Centre on several occasions during the year. This helps the youths grow spiritually considering the catholic environment to which we belong that involves priests, catholic nuns, the catechist, charismatic group from whom we seek guidance and help.
We hereby invite all the youths to make a stop at sharing youth centre to experience and be part of a group that welcomes their ideas and gives them the opportunity to learn at no cost. It is time to ACT. Do not lag behind, this is our time and chance to make the world a fantasy through our actions and deeds that embrace positive change. We are proud to say we are epitomes of positive change, Are you????