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Our Motto is: “Education and Encounter”

Sharing Youth Centre was founded in 1977 by Fr. Bart Fleskens (Dutch), has always maintained its focus on education for underpriveleged youth. The Centre offers activities for youth and adults.

It is a friendly and secure environment where Kampala’s young can acquire the skills and the focus to achieve their needs. Our programs foster fellowship, discipline and responsibility; they develop skills and present a challenge; and they provide a sense of belonging and identity. Young men and women, of all backgrounds, comprise our membership, and all are welcome.

The Centre is a diocesan project supported and followed closely by the diocesan authorities.


  1. It is our pleasure to inform you that VEREIN PROJEKTWERKSTATT ZUKUNFT co-operated with us in the project of vocational training capabilities which started on 2.5.2017 up to 31.12.2017.The purpose of this project is to develop our vocational Training Courses i.e. catering and Hotel management, Tailoring, carpentry and Joinery, Metal Fabrication in terms of quality and Labour market relevance in order to enhance employability of the graduates.

    This has been done through the project measures, the ICT facilities have been extended in number of work places which has improved in regard to the technical state of the art of the equipment since ICT courses are not only offered in the common business training but also in the field of hospitality management, fashion and design carpentry and metal fabrication for example Auto Card not forgetting the professional training of the teaching staff.

    Due to ICT courses interference free and basically independent from the unreliable power system, solar energy system has been installed to continuously supply the Lab.

  2. Symposium on 28th-30th September 2017 for the VTIs at Sharing Youth Center and the theme is “Revitalizing vocational education in Uganda” where there will be different activities on different days like band match, sports and entertainment, fashion show, inspirational talks etc. Don’t miss this opportunity.
  3. A group from Germany is visiting Sharing Youth Center from 30th September -15th October 2017, you are warmly welcome.
  4. There will be graduation of the Sharing Youth Center Finalists on 1-December-2017.
  5. We have introduced new computer packages and registration is going on.
  6. Short courses are going on for three months in the catering department.
  7. Bookings are still going on.
  8. Quality products on special offer and for more information you can visit our show room.

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